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We have been students of Coding Ninjas since its 1st online course. Through out this 3 years we had observed all the trends on coding ninjas offers. We have putted all ways to get discounts on any Coding Ninjas Course in one place.

Our Story

It all begins when a friend came to you asking for sharing our coding ninjas account as he also wanted to watch their content.
He told us he could not afford to buy a course for himself as it was too expensive for him and his parents are not giving permission too. We explained him the various ways to get discounts on coding ninjas course. He was amazed he wasn’t knowing about this earlier.
This incident gave us a idea of creating this site.

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To provide quality education at best possible price. i.e. Amazing Courses At Amazing Price.

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We all had faced the issue that Coding Ninjas Courses are bit expensive. But we believe that this should not hold student back from getting quality education, when offers are provided but that are not known to student.

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Since some of the offers are occasional, Some Offers might not work. Please check coding ninjas facebook page for getting latest offers.

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End Note

We aren’t making company loss as all offers are provided by company itself. We are just sharing it with the students. Also, We aren’t here only for our profit via referral, as once we get back the equivalent invested amount. We have planned to return rest of the money to coding ninjas fund.

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For any suggestion or complain. Drop a mail at : jvjplus@gmail.com


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